What the World Cup can teach you about weight loss

The magic of the World Cup

Unless you have been living under a rock. You would know France just won the world cup.

So much football on in one day the green pitch is etched permanently to everybody's tv.

The carnival atmosphere always brings back fond memories of my childhood.

2014 where an extra time goal by Goetze sealed a dramatic win for Germany

The 2010 match/ UFC fight between Spain and Holland. The karate kick from De Jong from Holland.

The headbutt from France’s Zenedine Zidane as he poignantly walks by the trophy as Italy win the 2006 penalty shootout

Brazilian Ronaldo with his fringe for a haircut, running riot on Germany in 2002.

All of these finals have a story, the emotion and significance feeling huge at the time.

But as you go further these memories fade. No longer do I attach memory to the occasions.

Instead there’s only the black and white of the winners names of the winners.


Looking back at your fitness

Your fitness journey is no different.

In fitness, every day there are temptations and distractions.

In the moment these feelings and stories feel important.

You wake up late and have no gym gear so you skip the gym

You have a long day in work are too tired to train

Your child gets sick so you need to skip the gym


The Big picture

When these feelings fade though. All that is left is the history.

England won the 1966 world cup

But did you know they had an English referee in almost every single match while also playing every game at home in Wembley.

These would be huge talking points at the time but 50 years on? Who cares?

Just like the finer details every day. You being exhausted with the new born child making you want to skip your workout will be forgotten.

All that will remain is the result of your efforts. Will you be closer to your fitness goal or not.


Struggle Now Savour Later

Because memories of the struggling moments fade. Making the right decision now when you don't feel like it pays off.

Reaching a fitness goal involves sacrificing in the short term in order to reap benefits in the long run.

Look at the finer details of the final yesterday. The own goal,  The referees penalty decision. The goalkeepers mistake. These won’t matter in the long run

So every time you think of giving up, remember the big picture and stay the course.

Because history only remembers the winners.