Is Bread Making You Fat?

Diet Beliefs

You have beliefs around losing weight

The more you see some success in this method, the more you trust your initial belief.

If you see on your phone that the secret to the person's weight loss has been cutting out bread.

and then you try cut out bread for a couple of weeks and lost some weight.

This will become your guiding belief about weight loss.

I’ll hear clients tell me that carbs are the reason that they can’t lose weight.

Eat slabs of butter and oils in their coffee and they’ll lose weight but God forbid you give them a slice of bread.‘

Once you chose that bread and carbs are the reason for weight gain and weight loss, your brain will search out the best ways to cut out carbs.

How to know if bread is making you fat

But before you go blaming the slice of bread you had with your breakfast for all your ill health.

Look at what actually goes into your body.

Here’s an exercise. Take out a pen and paper.

Now go through your day and tell me.

How big is your bowl of cereal in the morning?

How big are your portion sizes. Do you even know what correct portion sizes are?

How many lattes are you having in the morning?

How much oil are you putting into your meals?

What about butter on your bread, or in your healthy scrambled eggs?

Are you eating the entire bag of those healthy nuts?

And what about those couple of glasses of wine each night?

Or the chocolate bars you eat?

Or the biscuits and treats brought into the office every day?

Or the sugar you have in your tea?

Or what about all the packet of crisps you eat with the cheese and wine?

Or those packets of crisps you eat watching the football?

You can think all you like that bread and carbs are making you fat but when your food is out on paper, the facts will present themselves.

You Don’ know what you Don’t know

Simply writing down what you eat is one of the most powerful ways to gain insight to your behaviour.

The diary shines a light on our dark diets.

Tracking uncovers whether it truly is the bread that is making you fat.

The most likely culprit is your lack of knowledge to how many calories you report vs how many you actually eat.

You might have roast potatoes and chicken for dinner.

This is fine but means nothing.

Were the potatoes slathered in butter?

What oil did you use?

How big were the potatoes?

How much meat did you have in the meal.

What about the gravy?

These details can take the meal from 500 calories to 1500 calories.

So the details matter.

If you have a sandwich, is it really the bread?

Or is it the fact you slathered it with mayonnaise?

The slices of bread amount to 160 calories whereas the mayo can give you over 300 calories alone.

So is it Bread?

It might well be that the carbs you eat are the reason for all of your weight.

But you need to question that belief.

Your food beliefs don’t need to be like your religion. You can change them at any moment.

So look at what you are actually eating.

Is it really the bread.

Or is it all the other garbage that goes along with the rest of your day when you aren’t on your diet.

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