One habit successful weight loss stories share

Stop the Constant Stop Start

Here’s a good one. My client Daniel worked from home.

He could work in the comfort of his own boxers. As long as those conference calls were waist up then he was fine.

He could train at different times throughout the day.

In theory this was great. Daniel supposedly had control of his schedule to train when he liked.

However the reality turned out to be a disaster.

Whether there was a chore to catch up in the house, a meeting that was scheduled last minute, or whatever else Daniel was feeling each day.

Every day he had a new excuse.

I pondered trying to find a solution whether making the sessions shorter or giving home workouts to complete.

Nothing seemed to work. There was always something to disrupt Daniel’s routine.

It wasn’t until one of my other clients weighed in at an all time low that the penny dropped.

On one end there are clients like Daniel. Where it seems to be a constant stop start.

Certain parts of the would see great progress only for something to stop it all over again.

One habit successful weight loss stories share

But my successful clients have one thing in common. Whereas Daniel struggled to find routine.

Successful clients had immovable set times everyday.

It didn’t matter whether there was snow or beautiful weather

Whether they were carrying a niggle or had a full blown flu.

These successful clients turned up each and every scheduled session.

4 Reasons Exercising at the same time is so Powerful

Here are five reasons you should carry out your habit at the same time every day.

1) You use less Willpower

There are millions of triggers in the environment that activate cravings. Ever notice every time you’re bored, you find yourself on social media?

By training at the same time every day, your brain begins to make the connection between the two.

Overtime you need less and less willpower to exercise.

The behaviour becomes more automatic

With less willpower needed for exercise, you can work on other projects that you want to achieve

2) Reduces Overload

In today’s modern world, to-do lists are becoming so long they could take a full month to complete.

When you have so much to complete but don’t know where to start, the brain becomes overwhelmed.

It’s very easy for exercising to be piled into the rest of the to-do list. Something really important such as looking after your health falls down the pecking order.

When you set the same time each day, you narrow it down to one decision. “Should I train right now”.

This is a lot easier than trying to decide between 20 things on a list, or 1000’s of ideas in your brain.

3) Builds Discipline

For any goal, consistency is the keyl. If you can turn up every day and follow the plan, you have a great chance of reaching any objective.

There will still be days where the last thing you want to do is go to the gym or get up early. However, setting your habit for the same time every day gives you a chance to build discipline every day.

It’s a bit like work. Some days you won’t mind getting into the office. While others you wish you could fall down the stairs and sprain your ankle so you get to skip it. But the majority of the days you still turn up.

4) You build other habits simultaneously

Nothing happens in isolation. Usually when you change one thing in a system, there are knock on effects elsewhere.

If you have a car and one part of the engine isn’t working. That very well might disrupt the rest of the car.

Your day can be the same. If you wake up late in the morning, you become stressed, Because you’re stressed you forget your lunch. Healthy food is the last thing you want at that moment.

To unwind that stress, you decide to have a couple of drinks after work.

The one act of waking up late has a catastrophic effect on the rest of the day.

The exact opposite though, can be true with good habits.

When you set a specific immovable time for your habit, other events must change in order to maintain consistency.

If you decide that you want to go to the gym at 7 am every morning, you’ll need to get up an hour earlier than usual

You’ll also need to have breakfast earlier which may require preparation.

Getting up earlier also requires sleeping earlier..

Adding the training habit requires positive changes all throughout your day.

Be Successful- Be strict with setting your training time

Daniel has now began to cancel less and less. It now takes something very serious for us to cancel.

Developing good habits is a lifelong challenge and one that requires daily struggle. Setting a specific time every day gives yourself a chance.

By setting it at the same time every day you

  1. Use less willpower

  2. Reduce overload

  3. Build discipline

  4. Build other habits simultaneously.

So the next time you decide to build good habit look at setting it to specific time.

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