The Surprising Way To Increase Your Self Control

Split Personalities

You have two voices in your head.

One of reason, the other of emotion.

Reason knows it’s healthy to go the gym.

Emotion makes you feel like not today.

Unless you have had a huge health scare, the emotional voice will always be stronger.

But there is a way to give your rational brain a chance.

A way to give yourself a chance to do the right thing.

Slowing down.


Before saying yes to that 3rd bag of crisps.

Before saying yes to that drink to “unwind”

Before saying yes to that McDonald’s.

Slow down.

When faced with a temptation, the emotional brain screams like a tsunami.

But what happens even the strongest of tsunami’s?

They dissipate.

Slowing down allows your rational voice be heard. Reminding you that maybe you don’t need to drink that much, eat that much, smoke that much, spend that much.

So slow down to face temptation.

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